August 12, 2014

Custom made components

Quality is important

A custom made component of the useless can this is a switch connected to a circuit board

In order to make mechanism of The Useless Can as compact, light and effective as possible, we designed custom electronic components. These parts make assembling the can a lot easier. Our custom made components take care of the soldering for the user. The switch on The Useless Can is attached to a custom made circuit board allowing the user to connect the components quickly and easily. It also simplifies the layout of the cables and prevents errors during the assembly. There is no danger of damaging any components when connecting the cables. If the cables are connected at the wrong places, The Useless Can will not activate but it won’t suffer from any damage. This makes it perfect for children since they cannot break it by accident.

We care about the details

This is a testament to our dedication to deliver the best possible product. We want to save our customers the trouble of having to solder the components. This makes our product a lot less complicated to assemble. You do not need any special tools, you only need two screwdrivers and a plier.

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