August 12, 2014

The Useless Can is more than a gadget

The useless can in a park

This DIY kit could be the first step for a lot of people in electronics and robotics. Assembling The Useless Can is meant to result in a product that everyone can enjoy without the restriction of other DIY kits, such as requiring specific tools and soldering. Our goal is to provide a product that makes people smile when they first see it and bring some fun into their lives for a moment.

Contagious fun

If you ever get your own Useless Can, you will see that it catches everyone’s attention and mesmerizes them the first time they flip the switch. If you leave it in a room you will see that it quickly changes the atmosphere and makes people more engaging. Whether you get one to put on your desk or offer it as a fun gift to someone, The Useless Can is a great way to lighten up someone’s day.