MandleBot is a robot arm made out of aluminum with a gripper. Its name comes from a contraction between words MANDIBLE and ROBOT. Easily dismantled with a few tools, the MandleBot can be re-assembled in just a few hours.

This item is no longer for sale.

Constructed out of aluminum and using only top quality components, we want to offer fans of 7-77 years of age, a range of specialized robots that are realistic, solid and aesthetic . Designed and assembled in Canada, the MandleBot is accessible to the general public, the first in a new series.

Inspired by NASA and sci-fi movies ITNX wants to democratize access to robots, entertain fans of construction and technological games, to make young and old dream, and why not, create some kind of scientific or technological vocations among young people.

The MandleBot can be controlled manually or automatically by computer (Windows) from a USB port with software that we designed. Comes with drivers and software, just install the software and connecting the power cord and you’re ready to play!

For geeks, we also provide API (available for Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows CE) with full documentation (in English only) and code samples. In addition, updates and new features will be available on a regular basis.




Product Code RA2
Base Dimension 8.82″ (32.31cm) x 5.25″ (13.33cm)
Radius 13.44″ (34.15cm)
Full Length Extension (Up) 15.24″ (44.25cm)
Weight 3.4lb (1.54kg)
Link Material Anodized 6061 Aluminium
Communication Connects directly to a computer’s USB port
Included Power Supply 12VDC 2.0A – (US, EU, UK or AU)
Board 1061_1 – PhidgetAdvancedServo 8-Motor
Servo Motor 5x HiTec HS-645MG and 2x Hitec HS-65MG
Programming Resources Phidgets Docs for the API

MandleBot Angles


What’s in the box?

  • 1 MandleBot robot fully assembled
  • 1061_1 – Phidget Advanced Servo 8-Motor Control Board
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Power cord
  • 1 Software license (Robotic Studio)
  • 1 instructions manual
  • 3 Allen Key (3/32), (7/64), (3/16)
  • 1 screwdriver