Robot Rover Sentinel

Sentinel Rover

Sentinel is a rover robot type like that NASA has sent to Mars. It is our mascot and is always on display in our lobby.

Inspired by the project: “Google Lunar X Prize” the first version of Sentinel was build by hand, with saws, metal file and a drill press between 2009 and 2010. Later, we bought a CNC, Metal Brake, Metal Lathe and many more tools to create professional robots. If you look at the making-of gallery below, you can see the evolution! Sentinel was the first inspiration of InnoTechnix.

General Specs

  • Weight: 45 lbs.
  • Dimension: 18.5in x 27in x 32in (width, length, height)
  • Frame Material: Aluminium
Rover Angle


Hardware specs

  • 13 motors: 6 for the wheels, 4 to steering (exactly like a Mars Rover) and 3 to move the head
  • Head include: 3 red lasers (laser like pointer laser), 1 LED light and 2 webcams
  • Body: 1 additional webcam in the body to help drive the rover
  • Solar panels: 2x working panels generating a 12v output
  • All 6 wheels are made in 1 piece of aluminium to support the weight of the rover.

Inside the robots

We use Phidgets controllers to drive the Rover.

2x 12v batteries 7.5AMP that we recharge by connecting a power cord directly to the rover. One battery used for the motors and the second for the electronics.


The Rover is remotely controlled via Wi-Fi of Ethernet (for local testing).


  • 1x Single Board Computer (Phidgets PhidgetSBC2)
  • 1x PhidgetMotorControl HC to drive the rover
  • 2x PhidgetStepper Unipolar 4-Motor for steering and head control
  • 1x Wi-Fi USB Adapter 802.11b/g
  • 2x Power supply charger

This Rover is loaded with electronics and has hundreds of parts.


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