ORBOT 360 Photography Turntable

ORBOT: 360 Photography Turntable

A smart 360° photography turntable that can hold up to 400 lbs. Made in Canada, ORBOT helps create amazing videos of your products.


Maximo Robot Arm

Maximo Robot Arm is the greatest way to discover robotics. Accessible, fun and affordable, Maximo is designed for everyone.

Useless Machine in a Can

The Useless Machine in a Can is a kit for everyone. We designed it so that it requires no soldering or any special tools to assemble.

IDpack Business 9

IDpack v9.1

IDpack is a software to design and create ID for Plastic ID Card printer. IDpack support ALL ID cards like Zebra Evolis and Fargo.

Martin Bourdages

Martin Bourdages

Innovation, Creation and Realization

Hi, my name is Martin Bourdages, I’m a 43-year-old Canadian and I develop software's and robots with my company InnoTechnix. On this site you can see some projects that we made or still working on. I’m specialized in creating cool stuff using motors, computers, aluminium and plastics. I also create the software that make them live! In 2016, we purchase the inventory and website of "Miniatures & Passions", a company specialize in hobby products for 22 years.
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