custom robots

Over the last eight years, I had the chance to develop dozens of different robots for special orders like custom claw for MandleBot, a Mobile Platform for MandleBot used in a video, a Robot Rover and many others robots. Here we have our own workshop with CNC, Metal bender, metal lathe, and much more. We can design, build and create the software to make the robot fully functioning for your needs. We can work with Aluminium, Plastic, Acrylic, Lexan to create incredible robots, the limit is your budget! We have access to a huge list of sensors and electronics components that we can integrate into a robot like: IR Distance, Stepper Motors, Magnetic Sensor, Sonar Sensor, Force Sensor, Switches, Air Pressure Sensor, Sound Sensor, Light Sensor, Load Cell, Servo Motors, GPS, 3-axis Spatial, Vibration Sensor, Motion Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Linear Actuators, LED, Humidity Sensor and many more!

Need robots or cool electronic devices for TV or Film props? We can help build it for you.

Our robots has appeared on television programs like Dragon’s Den, Mr.Net, Entrée Principale, Cogeco TV, Tourisme Laurentides and a TV commercial for the Ford Focus. Just recently we have work on the movie Eye on Juliet which will be featured at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Dual Relay Board
Sound Sensor

All our robots can be controlled locally with a inboard computer or remotely via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It could even be controlled via Cellular tower. I used Phidgets for most of the electronic components, but ready to try Arduino. We use LiPO battery to power our robot, LiPo batteries are light weight and can be made in almost any shape and size. Creating a robots from scratch takes time and manufacture custom part and order parts from partners are very expensive. Our robots are unique and I consider them as pieces of arts! If you have an interesting project, or you just want to say hi, drop me a line at info at itnx dot com or contact me via LinkedIn at :