Parts you get with the Useless Can

the unassembled useless can with its 45 pieces in front of it

The Useless Can comes unassembled and has 45 separate parts.

  • 1 aerospace-quality aluminium top
  • 1 aerospace-quality aluminium arm
  • 1 aerospace-quality aluminium cap
  • 1 tin can
  • 1 plastic base for the mechanism
  • 2 plastic sides for the mechanism
  • 4 rubber nubs
  • 1 battery holder
  • 1 switch with circuit board
  • 1 micro switch
  • 1 electric motor
  • 1 label
  • 16 bolts
  • 12 nuts
  • 1 screw

The Useless Can requires 2 AA batteries which are not included.

Assembling the Useless Can

In order to assemble the kit, you will need two screwdrivers and a pair of pliers. Unlike other DIY kits on the market, The Useless Can does not require soldering to assemble. We have ensured that anyone can do it.

You can get your own Useless Can right now by becoming one of our backers on Kickstarter.

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