My first 1995 game TETRIX is now available on for free

My first 1995 game TETRIX is now available on for free

TETRIX is my first game ever released. It is a nice VGA game based on TETRIS, and is fast and very small compared to other games of its kind. This is the registered version of the game with 2 players enabled and an additional game. The object of the game is to create horizontal lines before you get to the top of the screen and bust. You can rotate the pieces to make them fit. You can have multiple horizontal lines too. You must do 20 horizontal lines before upgrading to next level, and the goal of the game is to reach the end of the 10th level.

25 years ago, I launched my first game, and today you can play online the paid version for free at:

Have fun!

Produced by : Martin Bourdages
Music & sound : Shawn Mativetsky

Bonus Game: TANK VS UFO
That game is dedicated to the VIC-20 with which I wrote my first program back in 1980 in basic! The game was written at the end of the VIC-20 guidebook. I remember the UFO ship was < * > !! To play the game, just press the F1 key at the main menu.

Watch the Video

In conclusion, just have fun!

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