Martin Bourdages

martin bourdages

Hi, my name is Martin Bourdages, Welcome to my personal website ITNX. I’m a 48-year-old Canadian developing software’s and robots in my spare time. On this site you can see some projects that I made or still working on. I’m specialized in creating cool stuff using motors, computers, aluminium and plastics. I also create the software that make them live! I’ve started building robots to help solve school dropout problems by offering robot kits to schools and motivating students to learn more about science, engineering and robotics.

For more than 20 years, I helped develop the ID card security industry with my other company Aptika. Aptika sells ID card related products in 87 countries and has serviced more than 14,000 customers. Aptika has managed large-scale onsite registration for events such as the Word Energy Congress, World Police and Fire Games, FINA, Toronto Royal Visit, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and more. (

In 1999 I have developed a complete turnkey software solution (IDpack) for creating Photo ID cards, with more than 32,000 computers running IDpack today. IDpack is a software program designed for medium to large-sized organizations with high security requirements. (

I launched ITNX in 2011, based on my second passion: robotics. I have since developed a variety of robotic arms, custom claws, talking robots, smart clock and mobile robots. I design my own robots, manufactures all parts and develops the robotic software. My robots appeared on television programs like Dragon’s Den, Mr.Net, Entrée Principale, Cogeco TV and a TV commercial for the Ford Focus. In 2017 we have work on the movie Eye on Juliet for the robots you can see at the “tradeshow”. The movie has been featured at the Toronto International Film Festival. (

Prior to Aptika and ITNX, I was an intranet/software consultant managing development teams for Hydro-Quebec, Compuware, STIQ and the Canadian Centre for Architecture, among others.

I’m a highly creative leader able to find solutions for today’s problems.

If you have an interesting project, or you just want to say hi, drop me a line at info at itnx dot com.