February 18, 2016 Maximo

We just Launched Maximo Robot Arm on Kickstarter

Get your own robotic arm right there on your desktop! Maximo is an Arduino-driven, 5-axis robotic arm with a laser-cut acrylic body. The robot comes with our Robotic Studio software and can be controlled using a gamepad. Maximo will also play through a series of recorded steps, executing complex automations. Only a screwdriver is required for the assembly or we can send it to you fully assembled.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new crowdfunding campaign for our Maximo Robot Arm on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/itnx/maximo-robot-arm


maximo kickstarter group

Another great advantage of Maximo’s design is the head of the arm, which can be changed within seconds for another module. The regular claw is a gripper included with each robot. The advanced gripper head module is more sophisticated and allows Maximo to grab objects by applying balanced pressure. The palletizer head module is a miniature reproduction of the ones used in factories and warehouses. The pen-holder module allows you to put various objects on Maximo’s head (pen, laser pointer, drumstick, etc.).

We also offer many Add-ons like the Webcam Attachment (includes a hi-res webcam with mounting system), Phidgets Board, LED lighting system. Regularly priced at just USD$349, with Early Bird pricing at USD$290 for the first 200 lucky owners. Following our Kickstarter campaign, the MSRP will be USD$399

Come visit us on Kickstarter! See you there!

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