September 9, 2015

Useless Can – Shipping Completed

As of today, all rewards have been shipped! Yeah!!!

I’ve learned so much since the beginning of this campaign. One thing, next time, I will use an order fulfillment system. I lost so much time managing Excel spreadsheets, comments, emails, Facebook, private messages, go back and forward into the backers manager of Kickstarter… if you have stuff to ship, use an order fulfillment system!

We want to thanks all our Backers for their trust and patience, without them, this project would never have succeeded like it did.

What’s next now? Many of our Backers you ask me that question! Will I make a new Kickstarter? The answer is YES of course! We loved the experience.

We are working on a new campaign that will be launched in a few weeks! I can’t say too much yet, but here’s the first public picture of the project:

Maximo Robot Arm

This is Maximo, a Robot Arm for kids and big kids! It’s using the same principle of the Useless Can to hold the acrylics with standoffs and screws, the assembly is very easy. Accessible, Fun and Affordable it will be a great way to discover robotics.