March 6, 2019 Mars Rover Sentinel v3

Mars Rover Sentinel v3 Project

Today, I want to share the design and specs for the new version of Mars Rover Sentinel v3. I haven’t had the chance to start working on building it, been working on too many projects right now, but maybe one day. Photos and videos of Sentinel v1 here.

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  • Sentinel “Mars Rover” version 3 include a fully functional Rocker-bogie. The Differential use ¾ inch Carbon Steel shafts and steel gear, very strong and sturdy.
  • Dimension are 23.75 inches long x 17.75 inches wide and 24.25 inches height. It weight around 35 lbs.
  • Wheels are 4.5 inch in aluminium
  • All aluminum parts are CNC custom made and anodize.
  • The body is anodize Gold (like the Mars Rover Sojourner), Black and Silver.
  • The included software screenshot is below, we also include a DLL with the function to drive the Rover from a different software as API call.
  • Sentinel Head include a white LED light and 3 laser (low beam)
  • x1 Non Distortion Dual Lens USB 3.0 Camera Module Synchronization 1.3Megapxel HD 960P OTG UVC 3D VR Stereo Webcam.
  • The Front body include a HD 8MP YuY2 digital Sony 1/3.2″ IMX179 sensor USB webcam camera module with 75 degree no distortion lens.
  • Temperature sensor are installed in the head and in the body to monitor the heat of the motors.
  • x12 (6 Steppers and 6 Geared DC) motors drive Sentinel.
  • x2 LiPO 5000mah battery power Sentinel 3.
  • All electronics are from Phidgets.


    The price for a fully working Mars Rover Sentinel v3 with a Rocker-bogie system start from 28,500$USD, shipping not included



Sentinel v3 Software Screenshot